Les Racquet - Be Water My Friend CD

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Inspired by an interview with Kung Fu legend Bruce Li, the release Be Water My Friendindulges the listener at every turn with anecdote and metaphor, about the philosophybehind ʻbeing water" and the gentle reminder that life is beautiful. The CD was recorded atDrift Design Studios in Boston, MA in the winter of 2011, as the band was comingthrough during the first leg of their tour. Booked for only a weekend the trio made themost of their time, recording their favorite songs and a subsequent promotional videowhich were both released in early 2012. This recording is the first time that all three voicesare a prominent melody. Also, the recording is a representation of a time when the band waslearning how to live together on the road, how to share responsibility and maximize theefficiency it takes to be both musicians and promoters. The trio shows ultimate trust inone another as they spin intricate harmonies and solos amidst beautiful melodies and deepgroves.

Track List
1. Chimney Pete listen
2. Ambulance listen
3. Oh Yeah listen
4. Too Young listen
5. Bruce Li listen
6. I Know You listen

Released in 2012