Jeff Bujak - Alive Like the Spine CD


Jeff Bujak generates heavily organized piano progressions, twists and winds them amid constantly evolving poly-rhythmic electronic beats and constructs a sound that is not only unique, but extremely fresh to the underground music scene. Bujak is a solo performer that uses computers, keyboards, effects, samplers and vocals to create a 'progressive-piano groove.' He creates a sound that unites keyboard influences of Peter Gabriel, Album Leaf and Bruce Hornsby with the hard driving rhythms of Prodigy and DJ Shadow.

Alive Like The Spine is Bujak's 3rd full length solo record in 3 years that pushes 78-minutes of electronic music to the boundaries of familiarity and proceeds beyond to explore the unknown of what hasn't been done before; the 'new' kind of music.

Track list:
1. Sea mp3 sample
2. Nomadd mp3 sample
3. Mutator mp3 sample
4. Yogoque mp3 sample
5. Kicker mp3 sample
6. Prodigium mp3 sample
7. Hepsira mp3 sample
8. Utopia mp3 sample

Released May 12, 2009.