Jeff Bujak - Peaces of Man and Machine CD

Man and machine - a combination that can create flawlessly composed musical pieces and tell musical stories that explore life and define the soul. By mixing original pre-sequenced percussion loops and seamlessly layered track upon track of live keyboard and bass progressions, Jeff Bujak produces a unique and novel new look at live music production. He combines jazz and classical piano influences and fuses them with modern electronic and intricate percussion rhythms. Song pre-production starts by hand-crafting and recording all percussion loops note by note until it drives the keyboard progression it was written for. During live performances, each loop is controlled and directed by foot, similar to an instrument itself. Playing keyboard progressions and solos in real-time over each polyrhythmic loop creates complex, layered grooves that travel through your body, mind and spirit.

Bujak writes mostly instrumental, but some lyrical, compositions meant to transfer energy and create the exact perception of the songs intent. Jeff Bujak is not only a composer and performer, but a director of musical drama.

1- I (1:11) mp3
2- Cake (10:51) mp3
3- Channelise (3:33) mp3
4- Puzzle (12:10) mp3
5- Intrinsic (2:22) mp3
6- Gemini (10:21) mp3
7- Agitate (2:31) mp3
8- Veil (9:07) mp3
9- Persuaders (4:16)
10- Bonfire (11:44)
11- Cycle (2:00)
12- Duodenary (7:42)

Released 2006