Jeff Bujak - Building: An Arsenal CD

Jeff Bujak generates heavily organized piano progressions, twists and winds them amid constantly evolving poly-rhythmic electronic beats and constructs a sound that is not only unique, but extremely fresh. Bujak is a solo performer that uses computers, keyboards, effects, samplers and vocals to create a 'progressive-piano groove.' With the many types of jazz, ambient and classical piano textures throughout each song, his music falls into too many categories to be left in just one. Call it progressive-piano. Listen to it like no other music. Building: An Arsenal is Jeff's brand-new album, and it's a dizzying experience full of mesmerizing rhythms and mind-altering melodies.

1- Vacuous (11:11) mp3
2- Muses (1:21) mp3
3- Crowd (12:16) mp3
4- Py (:44) mp3
5- Vy (:44) mp3
6- Gears (4:26) mp3
7- Majority (1:41) mp3
8- Wyx (2:47) mp3
9- Sill (14:00)
10- Ascended (9:00)
11- Bishop (9:00)
12- Slope (9:00)

Released 2/5/08