Infradig - Clinical Indifference CD

On their third full length, Infradig offer up a striking and emotionally moving collection of intense electronic rock. Clinical Indifference showcases how the band's singularity of vision - laden with organic, eclectic touches - is consistently winning them a growing fanbase.

Arranged as a concept album, Clinical Indifference owes much of its dark, vintage-y story to its format. The first "side" of the album builds a sense of foreboding which gives way to a quirky interlude that in turn opens to a vast, sonically-majestic psychological soundtrack that infuses the first side with even more meaning. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and a production value that rivals many major label records, Clinical Indifference is sure to become Infradig's first true opus.

1- Clinical Indifference mp3
2- Gravel Tooth mp3
3- Fallout Intro mp3
4- Fallout mp3
5- A Trifle (consoles because a trifle troubles) mp3
6- Interlude mp3
7- Boggart mp3
8- Shadowsphere mp3
9- Muttering/Shrapnel mp3
10- The Psychology Of Breathing mp3
11- Undulation mp3

Released 10/31/06