Infradig - Ecstatic Everywhere CD

For their final release, Infradig made their most unabashedly electronic album yet, signaling the culmination of almost a decade of evolution and experimentation for the Tennessee quartet. Ecstatic Everywhere is a deeply complex yet cathartic listening experience that explores some of electronic music's wildest territory.

1- Gasp mp3
2- Splutter mp3
3- Squared Interlude mp3
4- Gorilla Math mp3
5- Lani Har mp3
6- Ecstatic Everywhere mp3
7- L7 mp3
8- L7 cont. mp3
9- The Muxing
10- The Muxing cont.
11- Never Enough Free Time
12- L7 (alt)
13- Never Enough Free Time (alt)

Released Oct. 2007