Electric Soul Pandemic - Sensory Perception CD


New concept album from ESP featuring their tightest, most shredding lineup yet! This album rocks, it's funky, it jams and even has a dash of reggae. Also features great packaging design by Drew DePorter and also includes a lyrics and art booklet.

Electric Soul Pandemic is a quintet from Greensboro, North Carolina that specializes in funk rock fusion and soaring, exploratory jams. Featuring sonic, dual guitars (Jeremy Gamba and Randy Elliott), a howling Moog (Jay Beverly), and the confident backbone of drum and bass (Justin Heter and Scott Nichols), ESP has formulated their sounds over seven years in the vibrant North Carolina "jam" and festival scene. ESP pulls from different moods and genres in creating their recipes and will prove a revelation to both the first-time listener and the established ESP fan.

Track List:

  1. Funk Bag listen
  2. Arise listen
  3. All Funked Up listen
  4. This World listen
  5. Wondering listen
  6. Powered Toast listen
  7. The Storm listen
  8. The Otherside listen
  9. No Doorknobs on the Moon listen
  10. Harmonic Meltdown listen

Release date 05.06.2016