Dangermuffin - Heritage CD


Easy, breezy melodies and soul-shaking grooves radiate from this genre-bending roots trio. Dangermuffin brings thoughtful tunes that are both heartfelt and truthful. Their haunting harmonies and go-with-the-flow vibe invite listeners to kick back, relax, and be consumed by the ethereal rhythmic backbone and inspiring messages Dangermuffin has to offer. Lyrically, they evoke themes of self-discovery, ancient knowledge, and true awareness, all within a unique and casual approach.

Track Listing:

  1. Ode To My Heritage 3:52
  2. Waves 3:49
  3. Ancient Family 3:13
  4. The Sea And The Rose 3:28
  5. Ol' Fidel  3:47
  6. Kindred Sun  4:38
  7. Methuselah's Song 3:52
  8. One Last Swim 4:01

Release Date: 03.31.17