Dangermuffin - Olly Oxen Free CD

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With their brand new follow up, Olly Oxen Free, Dangermuffin have returned home. No longer easily dubbed an Americana or roots-rock band, the group's sound encompasses ska, calypso, and even Southern rock, often within the same song. Like the cry bellowed during a children's game of hide-and-seek, Olly Oxen Free signals that it's safe to come out from our hiding spots, gather back together, and celebrate late into the evening.

Track List:
1. Slumber listen
2. Cradle of the Beach listen
3. Battle listen
4. 200 Degrees listen
5. Homestead listen
6. Jaula listen
7. Rattle That Cage listen
8. Sea Funk listen
9. Loneliest Highway listen
10. Circle Bird listen
11. Back in the Pines listen
12. Healing Arizona listen
13. The Rising Souls listen

Release date 05.22.2012