Dangermuffin - Beermuda CD

Dangermuffin is a power trio, providing a much-needed fresh perspective on american roots music. This is not your uncle's back porch blues band here, folks... these guys slice and dice their chops in such a way that always keeps the dancefloor dangerous.

The players have a fierce grasp of their instruments, blending rhythms together seamlessly in ways that rival the great "jam bands". You know, the ones who can draw 100,000 fans to their shows without the help of a major record label. Think of this as the evolution of that genre of music.

What sets Dangermuffin ahead is the refreshingly familiar songwriting of Dan Lotti, coupled with his strong, articulate vocals that frame each song. The guy can flat-out sing. Perhaps that's why Dan had so much success performing solo in Manhattan for 2 years, having been awarded by The Songwriter's Hall of Fame as a "Best New Writer" of 2003.

Each member of Dangermuffin embellishes on these catchy songs with a musical unity that is quite impressive. Guitarist Mike Sivilli has cereal box potential. There's a feel behind every single note he plays that just touches people. Never thought a guitar could spit, spank, and fly like this. Drummer, and backbone of the rhythm, Jim Donnelly thrives on cracking that snare at all the right times. Every time. No wonder he's always back there smiling.

About 16 months young, Dangermuffin released their first album "Beermuda". Seemingly overnight they watch as fans sing back the lyrics to their songs, dance to their grooves, and become a part of something big. It just feels good.