Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed

The album consists of 12 remixes by producers including DFA Records artist Juan Maclean, DJ Harry, and Lotus's own Jesse Miller. Lotus's post/electro/dancerock is deconstructed and reassembled into club ready dance, dub, glitch-hop, and IDM tracks.

The five-piece band has creatively fused electronic dance music with instrumental post-rock for eight years. The result is an explosive live show that has made crowds get down across the US, Canada, and Japan. Armed with a massive light rig and one of the most energetic shows on the circuit, Lotus proves why they have become a go-to act for late night festival slots. Their current tour has brought the band into renowned theatres nationwide including the Ogden Theatre in Denver, the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and Park West in Chicago. The remainder of the year sees the band performing the aforementioned release parties in Brooklyn & New York, a two-night post-Thanksgiving hometown run at the World Cafe Live in Philly, and ringing in the New Years at Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA.

Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed
1. Tip of the Tongue (Broken Mix) - DJ Harry mp3
2. Bubonic Tonic - Juan Maclean Remix mp3
3. When H Binds to O (Oxidation Mix) - J. Tonal of Lowpro Lounge mp3
4. Suitcases - Scottie B Remix mp3
5. Tip of the Tongue - J. Miller Remix mp3
6. Livingston Storm - J. Miller Remix mp3
7. When H Binds to O (Hydronium Mix) - Skytree mp3
8. Tip of the Dub - Telepath Remix mp3
9. Suitcases (Another Sandwich? Mix) - J. Miller mp3
10. Travel (Airport Mix) - by Marc Cazorla of the Frequency mp3
11. Greet the Mind (Memphis Mix) - by Alex Botwin of Pnuma Trio mp3
12. Bubonic Tonic - Lymbyc Systym Remix mp3