Lotus - Escaping Sargasso Sea (2 live CDs)

Culled from multi-track recordings on Lotus' 2006 Fall Tour, Escaping Sargasso Sea captures the band's explosive sound and exploratory improvisation. Featuring classic fan favorites and some of the most recent compositions, this 2-CD set takes a snapshot of an ever-evolving band fusing dance, jam, and post-rock.

Escaping Sargasso Sea includes electrifying live takes on three tracks from Lotus' studio albums. Disc one is comprised of newer material, like the live powerhouse "Wax" and the guitar and electric piano-driven "Wooly Mammoth." Disc Two focuses on a classic live performance of classic Lotus tracks, as "It's All Clear To Me Now" leads into "Sunrain," which gives way to "Flower Sermon" and back again.

Disc One:
1- When H Binds To O mp3
2- Wax mp3
3- Wooly Mammoth mp3
4- Slow Cookin' mp3
5- Through The Mirror > mp3
6- Greet The Mind mp3

Disc Two:
1- Mikesnack
2- It's All Clear To Me Now >
3- Sunrain >
4- Flower Sermon >
5- Sunrain
6- Jump Off

Released 5/29/07