Chris Thile - Not All Who Wander Are Lost CD

Set free from the bluegrass and folk conventions of Nickel Creek, Generation X's most prodigious mandolinist doesn't so much stretch out as explode. Yes, the barely legal Thile is surrounded by the most dominant players in acoustic music--Stuart Duncan, Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, Jerry Douglas, and Bryan Sutton--but this 12-song suite of "newgrass," Celtic, and old-timey instrumentals has Thile's searing stamp all over it. His lyrical, almost liquid style, even on the hottest seven-minute jams, accents melodic continuity over attack, intricate counterpoint over frenetic collision. And his compositions, as open-ended as post-bop jazz and as jiggy as a sweaty contra dance, inspire these genuinely great musicians to performances both refreshing and profound.

Track List:
1- Song For A Young Queen
2- Wolfcreek Pass
3- Raining at Sunset
4- Riddles In The Dark
5- Sinai To Canaan
6- Sinai To Canaan Part II
7- Club G.R.O.S.S.
8- You Deserve Flowers
9- Eureka!
10- Big Sam Thompson
11- Bridal Veil Falls
12- Laurie De'Tullins