Chris Thile & Mike Marshall - Live Duets CD

"The two best mandolinists in the world and right up there among musicians of any persuasion." --THE TENNESSEAN

"..They also improvise with, against and for each other with uncanny telepathy." --THE TENNESSEAN

LIVE DUETS is a full-scale event! A must-hear for lovers of top-notch musicianship and creativity, and a chance for all to experience two masters stretching out! Mandolin masters Mike Marshall and Chris Thile supported their historic collaboration on 2003's INTO THE CAULDRON with a small run of must-see tour dates. At those precious handful of shows, two of the most talented musicians on the planet ignited stages with their incendiary performances--captured here LIVE on the future-classic LIVE DUETS.

Only one track from INTO THE CAULDRON appears on LIVE DUETS, making it a must-have for all fans of Marshall, Thile, and phenomenal playing!

1. Shoulda Seen It Comin' mp3
2. Byron's mp3
3. Carpathian Mt. Breakdown mp3
4. I'd Go Back If I Could mp3
5. The Only Way Out mp3
6. Hualalai mp3
7. J.S. Bach Dm Gigue (From Solo Violin Partita #2) mp3
8. Joy Ride In A Toy Car/Hey Ho mp3
9. 'Til Dawn mp3
10. Sedi Donka (Trad. Bulgarian) mp3
11. Tanja mp3

released 1/24/06