Darol Anger & Mike Marshall - Woodshop CD

Much of this recording was conceived as a twenty-year update and progression from the duo's masterpiece Chiaroscuro, released on Windham Hill Records in 1985, which sold over 65,000 copies. As Darol and Mike have both learned so much about life and music since then, they hoped to extrapolate on the album that had become a lot of people's favorite instrumental recording. They wished to make a musical message from the future that would reflect their present emotional, intellectual and spiritual selves. They tried to not get too hung up on perfection but to communicate a vibe; to showcase the glorious sounds of their string instruments playing music in a space big enough to do it in.

1. Intro mp3
2. Peter Pan mp3
3. Slip and Slide mp3
4. Who Had Whom mp3
5. Borealis mp3
6. Interlude #1 mp3
7. The Unbearable Gift mp3
8. Bach, Up mp3
9. Interlude #2
10. Replaceitall
11. Hearts Wait
12. Interlude #3
13. The Creep
14. Outtro

Released May 8, 2007