Brazilian Girls - Talk to La Bomb CD

Diverging a bit from the cooled-out atmosphere of their debut album, Brazilian Girls offer a taste of their inventiveness on Talk to La Bomb. Not that the debut wasn't inventive or innovative, but this disc opens up a new world to the band's fans. Smoky, loungy hip-hop hiatuses are replaced by attention-grabbing musical changes that make the brain work as opposed to cooling it down.

1. Jique mp3
2. All About Us mp3
3. Last Call mp3
4. Never Met A German mp3
5. Sweatshop mp3
6. La Territoire mp3
7. Rules Of The Game mp3
8. Talk To The Bomb mp3
9. Nicotine
10. Tourist Trap
11. Sexy Asshole
12. Problem

Released September 12, 2006

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