Brazilian Girls - New York City CD


1. St. Petersburg
2. Losing Myself
3. Berlin
4. Strangeboy
5. Ricardo
6. I Want Out
7. Interprete
8. Good Time
9. Internacional
10. Nouveau Americain
11. Mano de Dios

Third album by the critically acclaimed group expands on their signature, multi-lingual sound while paying respect to their international roots and the city where they got their start. The album also features renowned Senagalese musician Baaba Maal as a guest vocalist on "Internacional," and Kenny Wollesen and The Himalayas on multiple tracks.

"...the band's reputation as an energetic live act has set the table for a possible crossover to the the tradition of other left-of-center, genre-bending acts from New York such as Dee-Lite or the Talking Heads." -Los ngeles Times "...unceasingly irresistible" - Entertainment Weekly

Produced by Hector Castillo and Brazilian Girls

Released 8/5/08

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