Boogie Hustlers - Boogie Hustlers CD

On their third album, the Boogie Hustlers have once again found a way to seamlessly merge various genres of music into a sound that is uniquely their own. Strikingly different from the band's previous album True Colors, their newest self-titled release Boogie Hustlers is a bare bones, back to basics, beautiful blend of classic soul and rock n' roll teamingwith emotional, heartfelt songs about love and life. From the driving road anthem "9 Deep" to the mellow masterpiece "Down the Line", this eclectic album proves to be their best yet.

Track List:
1. Find a Way listen
2. Final Hour listen
3. Get Her When She's Dancing listen
4. Sometimes listen
5. It's Only Rainin' listen
6. Rollercoaster listen
7. Nine Deep listen
8. Down the Line listen
9. Happy listen
10. Fly Away listen
11. Lefty's Lament listen

Release date 01.05.2010