The Boogie Hustlers - 122 Ellsworth CD

With 12 original tracks packed with mass appeal, 122 Ellsworth has enabled the band to broaden their base audience thanks to the album's agreeable mix of vintage soul and R&B grooves. The band's focus on the many aspects of soul music helps them make their compositions as infectious and memorable as any classic. This is one of the best funk and groove albums we've heard this year!

1- 122 Ellsworth mp3
2- Hope Is Alive mp3
3- Let it Ride mp3
4- Nakama mp3
5- Satisfaction of You mp3
6- I Believe..This Ain't Livin' mp3
7- White Knight mp3
8- Watched You Fly mp3
9- Vince Lost It mp3
10- Hit It Runnin' mp3
11- Train mp3

Released February 2006