Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase CD

One of the world's most revered and mysterious electronic acts, Boards of Canada re-emerge from the ether with "The Campfire Headphase," their first album since 2002's mystic "Geogaddi". This is classic Boards of Canada touched with acid-drenched folk music, atmospheric dissonance, deceptively tough alien beats and mindbending melodic creations. Once these guys get a hold of your ears, you'll be sincerely addicted to their sound!

1. Into the Rainbow Vein mp3
2. Chromakey Dreamcoat mp3
3. Satellite Anthem Icarus mp3
4. Peacock Tail mp3
5. Dayvan Cowboy mp3
6. A Moment of Clarity mp3
7. '84 Pontiac Dream mp3
8. Sherbet Head mp3
9. Oscar See Through Red Eye
10. Ataronchronon
11. Hey Saturday Sun
12. Constants Are Changing
13. Slow This Bird Down
14. Tears From the Compound Eye
15. Farewell Fire

Released October 17, 2005