Anders Osborne - 5/1/05 Jazz Fest CD

Once again Anders Osborne turned in one of the highlight performances of Jazz Fest. As always, his band is tight as a drum and Kirk Joseph, who handles the bass lines on his sousaphone (the sousaphone rocks...who knew?), provides an absolutely stunning performance. John Gros of Papa Grows Funk sits in for the entire set. Along with markedly different versions of a couple of last year's most buzzed about cuts, "Stoned, Drunk, And Naked" and "Ya-Ya," Anders slows it down at the start and finish with two beautiful songs - "Baby Rose" and "I've Got A Woman." A must have set!

1. Baby Rose (7:03) mp3
2. Stage Banter (0:33) mp3
3. Aim Way High (11:56) mp3
4. Ya-Ya (8:32) mp3
5. Stoned, Drunk, and Naked (10:49) mp3
6. I've Got A Woman (6:55) mp3