Anders Osborne - 4/28/06 Jazz Fest CD

The consensus favorite of the Jazz Fest Live sales force. This disc was played in the sales tent so much the whole crew can sing along note-for-note. Along with the expected sizzling guitar work, Anders puts his own spin on the classic "Junco Partner," features new post-Katrina lyrics on "Louisiana Rain" and showcases a brand new Katrina song with the stellar "Oh, Katrina." Usually one of the highlights of the last day, this time around Anders lit a fire under the festival on Day One that burned through to the end.

1. Introduction (0:49) mp3
2. Junco Partner> (7:31) mp3
3. Louisiana Rain (6:49) mp3
4. Darkness At the Bottom> (12:10) mp3
5. Oh, Katrina (5:43) mp3
6. Oh, Mama, Yeah (10:34) mp3
7. Stage Banter (0:25) mp3
8. Stoned, Drunk and Naked (6:33) mp3