Four songwriters. Two drummers. Hip shaking calypso jams. Screaming guitar solos and huge, thumping bass lines. Ripping on the keys and jungle-ing on the congas. Party all night, straight on into the morning. Pausing for beautiful vocal harmonies only to dive back into a dirty break-beat. Get the albums because they are fantastic. See a live show because it will be epic.

The live show is what Superfrog is all about. The family of Superfrog fans is what makes the live show a success; and for that, the members of Superfrog are eternally grateful.

Superfrog released their debut album Year of the Frog in the fall of 2008. This was an independent release and was produced by Aaron Katz, formerly of Percy Hill. They released their second album Call from the Moon (CFTM) in the fall of 2010. This was also an independent release. They are active members of The Home Grown Music Network and with HGMN’s help, CFTM went out to over 100 independent and college radio stations rising to #8 on the national radio play charts. The single off CFTM, “Astronautical” was featured as the 2nd track on Relix Magazine’s CD sampler in their February/March 2010 edition. “Float”, also off of CFTM, was featured on the Home Grown 9 CD sampler.

And now in 2014, the much anticipated third album has arrived!! It’s a balanced but eclectic collection of material from four songwriters plus a massive amount of rock! Their third full length release will have you movin' and groovin' with a big smile on your face in no time.


Home Town: 
Portsmouth, NH
North East