Superfrog - Year of the Frog CD

Superfrog's chest jarring bass riffs, wailing guitar jams and incredible lyrics alone could stand the test of time as a modern sounding rock-jam band. Add in the flavor of superb vocal harmonies, a pinch of brass goodness and a whole helluva lot of solid rhythm and you have yourself a sound that is evolving into one of the Northeast's hottest acts. Comprised of 5 members with various backgrounds and influences, the talent that presents itself each time the band takes the stage is certainly as impressive as their mentors. Crafty lyrics coupled with original, creative musical arrangements sets Superfrog apart from many of the other rock bands hailing out of the New England region. With a strong inventory of original tunes and a host of covers, Superfrog's line-up of music will keep you rocking long into the night. Despite being busy in the studio banging out their second album, Superfrog still finds time to tour and put on intense shows. Keep an eye out for the band in the months to come. This is the band you don't want to miss when they arrive in your town.

1. single handed (but double jointed) mp3 sample
2. traveler mp3 sample
3. year of the frog mp3 sample
4. slippin' around mp3 sample
5. wally show mp3 sample
6. honeywell nation mp3 sample
7. jalopy mp3 sample
8. so much pain mp3 sample
9. get back mp3 sample
10. when it all goes down mp3 sample