Superfrog - Call From the Moon CD

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Superfrog is the fiery 6 piece you must see to believe. Their groovetastic, jammy soundscapes are twisted into a rock and roll reggae sandwich sporting an original, rhythmic and bouncy sound. The delightfully soundgasmic music flows through them like some sort of intangible astral conduit. Certainly a band that is this fun, diverse, adventurous and fresh should be heard as often as possible.

On "Call From the Moon" Superfrog continues to reveal the essence of jam within a framework of ROCK. This feat has been causing people all over the Northeast to jump out of their seats and into the air many times over. Their high powered live show is always an intense experience where the only thing shaking harder than the stage is the floor under the fans.

Track List:
1. Call From the Moon listen
2. Astronautical listen
3. Float listen
4. Minor Annoyance listen
5. Banished listen
6. Madeline's Rose listen
7. Free Man listen
8. Dream to Sleep listen
9. Tequilador listen
10. Oyster River Landing listen
11. IOU1 listen
12. Wish listen

Released November 2010