The New Mastersounds - The Deplar Effect (2LP)


'The Deplar Effect' marks The New Mastersounds' 17th album of their 22-year-long career following up their 2019 release 'Shake It' that entered the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album charts at #15. The record was recorded at Floki Studios in Northern Iceland as the inaugural project to launch experiential travel company, Eleven Experience's, boutique record label Eleven Music. 'The Deplar Effect' excited fans new and old with classic, fiery Meters-inspired instrumental tracks such as "Watchu Want" while offering a mainstream palatability with the addition of Lamar Williams Jr. (son of the late Allman Brothers bassist, Lamar Williams) contributing vocals on several tracks such as "Gonna Get In My Way," "Let Me In From The Cold," and more. Originating from Leeds, UK, the band has earned an international following with members currently residing in three different countries and five different cities with multiple tracks in their catalog amassing over 6 million streams across digital platforms. 'The Deplar Effect' is primed to be another successful international release for one of the most notable bands in the modern funk & soul revival scene.

Release date 09.16.22