The New Mastersounds - Be Yourself CD

Fresh funk from the UK! The New Mastersounds bring a down-and-dirty yet sophisticated approach to the time-honored tradition of organ funk. Way-greasy, backbone funk that liberally slathers enticing chunks of guitar, crispy drums, delicious keys, and bubbling bass over pounds of meaty soul-jazz!

Features two-time Grammy nominee Corrine Bailey Rae on two smokin' tracks!

1- This Ain't Work mp3
2- Your Love Is Mine mp3
3- Can't Hold Me Down mp3
4- Be Yourself mp3
5- Better Off Dead mp3
6- You've Had It All mp3
7- Barca mp3
8- Six Underground mp3
9- Coming Up Roses mp3
10- Coming Down mp3
11- RTA mp3
12- Do What You Gotta Do mp3
13- Idle Time mp3
14- This Ain't Work Pt 2 mp3