Steve Kimock - Last Danger of Frost LP


Even the most inspired and free-thinking artist, one whose celebrated command of his instrument and musical expression underscores a strong sense of fluidity and freedom within the traditional structure of American rock music, can wake up one day with the desire-the need, rather -to flip the table, reshuffle the deck, and raw fresh cards for himself. And so we find Steve Kimock, a master of small band improvisation and champion of the national rock and dance band circuit for four decades, breaking new ground with his latest solo effort, Last Danger of Frost.

Recorded in Kimock's century-old Pennsylvania barn last winter before a move back to California, Last Danger of Frost offers a daring personal expression that introduces innovative techniques the guitarist discovered in a solo setting. Kimock dismantles the rock band framework and takes a full stretch to create exploratory sounds and intimate compositions that may have been waiting to be revealed - or rediscovered - the whole time.

Track List:

  1. The Old Man listen
  2. Twelve is Good listen
  3. Big Sky listen
  4. Please Be Seated listen
  5. Invariant listen
  6. Surely This Day listen
  7. Surely This Day Reprise listen
  8. Tongue N' Groove listen
  9. The Artist Dies and Goes to Hell listen
  10. Last Danger of Frost listen
  11. My Favorite Number listen

Released 03.18.2016