Rose Hill Drive - Moon is the New Earth LP


LP Vinyl edition

"If Rose Hill Drive doesn't make you want to pick up a Les Paul, you have no soul." - Guitarist Magazine

Rose Hill Drive grew up blasting Van Halen and The Who, but they would never have imagined that the band would open up for both groups before ever releasing an album. Moon is the New Earth is a giant step forward and an album that exemplifies what it is to be a "live-driven" band.

"These songs are mementos of our memories experiencing life as musical gypsies, and were born on the road in sweat and blood and the search for a deeper love while constantly moving. They give me that one-of-a-kind feeling of keeping it together," says says singer Jake Sproul.

1. Sneak Out mp3 sample
2. Altar Junkie mp3 sample
3. Laughing in the Streets mp3 sample
4. Trans Am mp3 sample
5. A Better Way mp3 sample
6. My Light mp3 sample
7. The 8th Wonder mp3 sample
8. One Night Stand mp3 sample
9. Godfather
10. Do You Wanna Get High?
11. I'm On To You
12. Always Waiting

Released 6/24/08