Rose Hill Drive CD

It can be said that a true artist can only be judged by its live abilities. Rose Hill Drive took this maxim and put it to the test before ever releasing an album. The band built an enormous underground fan base with thrilling live shows, with lyrics that connect, and with a completely earnest approach. It's a re-awakening of the spirit of music that motivates this band, and Rose Hill Drive's spiritual connection with its congregation remains unparalleled. This organic and grass roots process has let the fans and then the music business come to them. It's very important to the band that it happened in that order - music first, business later.

Combining rock and blues with modern touches and clever arrangements, Rose Hill Drive thrives off of high energy and remaining unpredictable. On stage you never know what the band is going to do next, and this attitude has been injected into Rose Hill Drive. You have well-crafted rock songs, yet very challenging and epic songwriting. It's not uncommon for them to go from a driving 3-minute song to an epic 9-minute song. Written by all three band members, produced by Rose Hill Drive and Nick DiDia (who has worked with artists such as Rage Against The Machine and Pearl Jam) and recorded in January 2006 at Southern Tracks in Atlanta, Georgia, their self-titled debut effort was done the way the music should be done - no pro tools, no auto-tuning, no studio tricks, but just pure, raw energy straight to tape.

Rose Hill Drive consists of brothers Jake and Daniel Sproul and friend Nathan Barnes.

1. Showdown mp3
2. Cold Enough mp3
3. Cool Cody mp3
4. The Guru mp3
5. In The Beginning... mp3
6. Brain Novocaine mp3
7. Declaration Of Independence mp3
8. It's Simple mp3
9. Raise Your Hands mp3
10. Man On Fire mp3
11. Reptilian Blues mp3
12. Cross The Line mp3

Released August 22, 2006