Ozric Tentacles - Live at the Pongmaster's Ball CD+DVD


This DVD is a definite must-have for Ozrcs fans. It offers a bowl full of ethereal cereal, with the whole 2-hour performance at the Pongmastres Ball in 2002, with a setlist spanning most of their career, from '89's ambient It's a Hup Ho World to the as-then-unreleased Oakum jam (in a far better version than the one recorded for Spirals...).

Most of the facets of the band's music are here, too: there are ambient passages between the tunes, ethnic textures, dub workouts, techno flavors and - of course - all out space rock. Not to forget a dose of plain weirdness (e.g. Sploosh).

Another important factor of the Ozrics' gigs is the glorious light show, which gives you that extra little push to the other side, witnessed here throughout.

Having been at the Ball, I can tell you that the sound quality on the DVD is better than the actual event, nearing the richness of a studio recording (though a bit low in volume).

To top everything off, there is a documentary about the gig, including soundcheck jams, interviews with just about everyone involved and cuts of the Nodens Ictus performance (which was also filmed but has not been released).

This release is as good as any Ozrics gig you've been to and if you haven't, it'll show you why some people go again and again and again. And again.

Release date 11.04.2016