Ozric Tentacles - The Floor's Too Far Away CD

Ed Wynne has solved the mystery of time travel. As the keyboardist/guitarist/chief programmer/creative mastermind of the band Ozric Tentacles, Wynne traverses the ages through his primordial yet distinctly modern, mind-bending music. The Somerset, England, resident is a citizen of the world: his art knows no boundaries in time or space.

Wynne jokingly refers to OT's music as "ethnological forgery", but Ozrics' new release, The Floor's Too Far Away, is far from bogus. Recorded in Wynne's home studio in Somerset, England, the nine-track, all-instrumental CD is a musical reflection of Wynne's centrifugal creative vision - a vision synthesized into a spiraled, multifaceted tapestry of butt-moving, trance-inducing ethno-techno space rock. In many ways The Floor's Too Far Away is a signature Ozrics record. Rife with incessant intergalactic grooves, the new record offers a satisfying, state-altering listening experience.

01 Bolshem mp3
02 Armchair Journey mp3
03 Jelly Lips mp3
04 Vedavox mp3
05 Spacebase mp3
06 Disdots mp3
07 Etherclock mp3
08 Splat! mp3
09 Ping mp3

Ed - Guitar, Keyboards, programming, all tracks
Metro- Drums
Brandi - Bass, Synths
Merv - percussion on 'Armchair Journey'
Tom Brooks - Bubs

Released July 18, 2006