Yonder Mountain String Band - Love, Ain't Love CD


Laced with interstitial dialogue, music, sound effects, and other overlapping ephemera, LOVE. AIN'T LOVE is by design Yonder's most ingenious studio collection thus far. Songs like "Take A Chance On Me" and the heavy metal-inspired breakdown, "Fall Outta Line," see the quintet touching upon FM pop, country rock, funk, world music, and so much more; adopting traditional sonic and lyrical idioms to mask deeper and darker personal truths.

2017 will see Yonder continue its seemingly endless touring, leading towards next year's 20th anniversary of their initial coming together, an irrefutably momentous occasion. "When we were first starting, our creativity was rooted in rebelliousness. Now, there's a greater conscious awareness and attention to detail that we're bringing to our writing and recording. Our nature and instincts remain progressive. We're just doing it in a way that's sharper, more musical, and way more satisfying,"  says Ben Kaufmann.

Track List:

  1. Alison
  2. Fall Outta Line
  3. Bad Taste
  4. Take A Chance On Me
  5. Chasing My Tail
  6. Used To It
  7. Eat In Go Deaf (Eat Out Go Broke)
  8. Dancing In The Moonlight
  9. On Your Dime
  10. Kobe The Dog
  11. Last Of The Railroad Men
  12. Up For Brinkley's
  13. Groovin' Away

Release Date: 06.23.17