Yonder Mountain String Band - Yonder Mountain String Band CD


Known for their ability to channel a wide variety of musical idioms through their string-band instrumentation, Yonder Mountain String Band are intent on pushing their own limits. On their new album, simply titled Yonder Mountain String Band, the listener gets to experience just how far these four men have come over the past decade, and how far they're likely to go over the next one. The sky seems the limit for a band with bluegrass instruments and no willingness to play straight-up bluegrass. The acoustic style just happens to be the vehicle they've chosen to haul their myriad influences.

For their major-label debut, YMSB has spiffed up their sound in numerous ways, including their first recording featuring drums of any kind. While they've always done a remarkable job of creating plenty of rhythm without drums, it's their willingness to try new things and do what the music demands that make this such a stunning album. Having become known for their wild live shows, choice cover tunes, and lengthy onstage experimentations (due in large part to their frequent live album releases), it's obvious YMSB set out to do things much differently here. The result is their most engaging work yet, both lyrically and musically.

Having long ago freed themselves from the traditional mold of acoustic music, Yonder Mountain String Band is obviously at a creative peak judging from the sweet sounds on this album.

1. Sidewalk Stars mp3
2. I Ain't Been Myself In Years
3. How 'Bout You?
4. Angel mp3
5. Fastball mp3
6. East Nashville Easter mp3
7. Just The Same
8. Classic Situation
9. Night Out mp3
10. Midwest Gospel Radio
11. Troubled Mind mp3
12. Wind's On Fire

Released May 9, 2006