Wingnut - Color CD

The newest from this rising Ithaca, NY-based trio! This well-envisioned disc features guest musicians that add various accents, plus a DJ that reallly brings out the funkin' side of the band!

Track List:
1- Emerge
2- Yellowbird
3- Galoshes
4- Sugnim
5- Head Toaster
6- Tin Can
7- Three Brothers from Detroit
8- Wiggle Waggle
9- Bag Slap
10- Four Paths
11- Windshield Letters
12- Re-Emerge

Don't be misled. Although Wingnut's new CD, Color, was released on the reggae heavy I-Town Record label, the edgy, keyboard driven' jazz rock trio haven't abandoned their occasionally dark, artistic leanings for the mango soaked sunshine of the islands. Not by a long shot. At times sounding like a post industrial Emerson Lake & Palmer, others a freshly dropped Medeski, Martin & Wood, Wingnut still makes some of the moodiest music currently on the scene. The I-Town connection is a location thing. Specifically, Ithaca, New York, which in addition to being the home town of both the band and label, is one of the coolest jamband hotspots in the country. Haven't been to Ithaca? Give Color a listen and check out what you've been missing. - Lee Abraham

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