Venice Gas House Trolley - Synapse Lapse and Reblast! CD

VGHT chills as the universe undulates. This full length CD sizzles with slinky groovalicious low end and chill vocals flowing over funky beats, glossy drones, poems of hope, and even a dose of rock and blues. Madison's The Isthmus Newspaper raves, "The Trolley carves out a tribal, ambient, dreamy vibe that doesn't feel like the intersection of poetry and music, but stands as an integrated whole." Includes fan favorites such as Brain Cells Are Invisible, Garden, and Notes On A Thunderstorm. Recorded in Madison, WI at The Sound Garden Studios and released in 2010.

Track list:
1. Groove In listen
2. The VGHT March listen
3. Brain Cells Are Invisible listen
4. Notes On A Thunderstorm listen
5. Garden listen
6. Off The Floor listen
7. Blues In VI listen
8. Gold Claws listen
9. Come Clean listen
10. Streetlamps listen
11. Groove Out listen

Released March 2010

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