Vampire Weekend - Contra CD

Like the first album, Contra was produced by keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij and is the realization of a whole and unique musical vision that sees the band stretching out and adding new textures, instrumentation, and rhythms into their sound. Primarily recorded in New York with a springtime sojourn to Mexico, Contra feels altogether fresh, joyous, and like nothing else but is immediately recognizable as the sound of Vampire Weekend.

1. Horchata 3:26
2. White Sky 2:58
3. Holiday 2:18
4. California English 2:30
5. Taxi Cab 3:55
6. Run 3:52
7. Cousins 2:25
8. Giving Up The Gun 4:46
9. Diplomat's Son 6:01
10. I Think Ur A Contra 4:29

Release date 01.12.2010

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