Tiedye Keith - World Music Jam CD

A rock/jazz/world beat/fusion instrumental album designed to capture the uniquely deep talents of the amazing world class players. Jam or Jelly is a 30-minute improv piece that covers a lot of ground and was recorded blind with no preparation - one shot wonder - a true performance piece, at it's best.

TIEDYE KEITH - Guitar/Percussion
VERNON ICE BLACK - Guitar (Herbie Hancock, Mariah Carey)
MYRON DOVE - Bass (Robben Ford, Carlos Santana)
BILLY JOHNSON - Drums (Carlos Santana, Joyce Cooling, R.A.D)
NORBERT STACHEL - Sax, Horn Sections, Winds (Tower of Power)
JOHN SEPPALA - Keyboards (Chaka Khan)
VINCE WELNICK - Organ (Grateful Dead, The Tubes)
JUAN ESCOVEDO - Percussion (Shelia E., Pete Escovedo, Prince)

The music is like a crisp morning revival of funk-flavored, full-stage, live-riffing rockin' R&B sound set loose to explore the improvisational instrumental spirit.

1 Jam or Jelly Pt. 1 mp3 sample
2 Jam or Jelly Pt. 2 mp3 sample
3 Jam or Jelly Pt. 3 mp3 sample
4 Jam or Jelly Pt. 4 mp3 sample
5 Jam or Jelly Pt. 5 mp3 sample
6 Jam or Jelly Pt. 6 mp3 sample
7 Jam or Jelly Pt. 7 mp3 sample
8 Jam or Jelly Pt. 8 mp3 sample
9 Tdk Raggae Stylin'
10 Gin Fizz

Released 2008