Tiedye Keith - Home Sweet Home CD

Home Sweet Home - the 2nd album release of Bay Area artist TieDye Keith - is appropriately titled for the sophmore solo recording of this 25-year veteran musician and songwriter. If you liked Welcome Home, you are going to love this!

TieDye Keith - Guitars and Vocals
Bill Spooner - Guitar
Vernon "Ice" Black - Guitar
Myron Dove - Bass
Steve Neil - Bass
Billy Johnson - Drums
Marc Carmi Smith - Drums
Norbert Stachel - Horn Section, Sax and Flute
Jon Shapiro - Soprano Sax
John Seppala - Keyboards, Organs and Synths
Juan Escovedo - Percussion
Pete Escovedo - Percussion
Regina Espinoza - Vocals
Mariama Whyte - Vocals
Kimiko Joy Woolley

1 Sweet Maria mp3 sample
2 Never Leave mp3 sample
3 Dressed In Red mp3 sample
4 Fears mp3 sample
5 Simple Beauty mp3 sample
6 Tender Eyes mp3 sample
7 Bottle On The River mp3 sample
8 Mr. Moon mp3 sample
9 Willow Tree
10 Bongohs

Released 2005