Tiedye Keith - Welcome Home CD

Welcome Home (and its successors) viscerally embody TieDye Keith's love and appreciation of life, music and love itself. From the rippingly funky pop-opening "Big World" to the last beats of the spontaneous world-music collective cacophony of the improvisational "Tribe 39," this is as much about the labor of love as it is one. The dense, rich, full-band sound weaves you complexly through parts of the ever-unfolding experience of life and love of life.

Backed by some of the worlds finest musicians and true industry heavyweights, Tiedye Keith and his friends have been able to create a glorious masterpiece of musical expression. From one tune to the next, the music draws the listener in deeper and deeper, in through one layer only to discover yet another upon another. There is so much for one's ears to delightfully discover.

It's bluesy rock with jazz elements and more than a little funk and groove for good measure. Born and raised in San Francisco during the 60's & 70's when the world's eyes were on the emerging San Francisco music scene, Tiedye Keith completely embraces blending all types of music into one big melting pot that breaks down barriers and unites in his own unique way.

1 Big World mp3 sample
2 Lining Of Gold mp3 sample
3 Lining Of Gold (Reprise) mp3 sample
4 Jack mp3 sample
5 Reciprocate mp3 sample
6 Pledge mp3 sample
7 Butterfly mp3 sample
8 Street With No Name mp3 sample
9 Freely
10 Tribe 39

Released 2004