Three Legged Fox - Watch the World CD


Philadelphia-based indie alternative-reggae rockers Three Legged Fox have been gracing speakers, headphones and concert venues with their presence for 10 years. With five albums now to their name, they are no strangers to the studio either, with each record offering noticeably solid production. Three Legged Fox over the years have garnered a solid grassroots following from their collection of fans far and wide, and they are also used to collaborating and sharing the stage with big names over the years including Rebelution, Passafire, John Brown's Body and many more. Three Legged Fox is comprised of Kyle Wareham (vocals and guitar), Christopher Duddy (guitar), Mark Carson (bass), Jon Duxbury (keyboards) and Kory Kochersperger (drums).

"Watch the World offers a breath of fresh air for Three Legged Fox, as the bulk of the album takes a pivot to more contemporary, chorus-driven tracks, all-the-while experimenting with new sounds but continuing to integrate bits and pieces of reggae-rock. Watch the World is the first offering from the Philly-based quartet since 2014's We Are Electric." - The Pier

Track Listing:
1.) Stay
2.) Remember Me
3.) City of the Queen
4.) Another Year
5.) Dancing Down the Freeway
6.) Peace or Worry
7.) Ultraviolet
8.) Get Us Home
9.) Ready to Burn
10.) Indiana Snow

Release date 3.31.2017