Three Legged Fox - We Are Electric CD


It takes a collection of experiences to understand where you're going. With no perspective, it's impossible to know what you're good at or what you want to do going forward. The new album is We Are Electric, and it comes twenty eight months after their last release. And though long overdue, that time has allowed Three Legged Fox to gather both experience (more than three hundred shows in forty three states) and the clarity to write music that authentically personifies who they are as a band, and as people. Sometimes the best thing one can do, is to acknowledge what he or she does best. For this band, the ticket lies within it's simplicity — turn up the guitars, drums, and keys, and deliver songs about what they know.

We Are Electric, the bands fourth album since coming together in 2006, is that step forward yet a return to the garage; a nod to the reason the whole thing was started. And it's that kind of perspective that anyone in any facet of life can appreciate.

Track List:
1. Shadows 05:20 listen
2. All The Lights 04:30 listen
3. We Are Electric 03:46 listen
4. My Satellite 06:05 listen
5. Mercy 05:40 listen
6. When The Colors Come Back 05:13 listen
7. Trigger 02:55 listen
8. Hold On 04:25 listen
9. Breakdown 05:09 listen
10. Falling In 03:54 listen
11. Nothing's Over 04:32 listen
12. Save You 06:58 listen

Release date January 2014