Thousands Of One - self-titled CD

Thousands of One, the ambitious self-titled Fall '05 release, has been warmly received by critics and fans alike for its classic soul meets funk electro-remix sound. Gaining notoriety for their spirited live shows in clubs and festivals throughout the northeast, Thousands of One jumps from activist/ retro soul -- think Olu Dara or Marvin Gaye - to underground hip hop a la Roots or Talib Kweli with a funk/rock edge.

Recorded at Shut-in Studios, Producer Elliot Martin combined his love of space age synth and analog knobs with a loyalty to the band's eclectic live sound. Also vocalist - songwriter - producer of internationally acclaimed Roots Reggae band John Brown's Body, Martin contributes harmony vocals and percussion on several tracks. The result is a work of art that explores uncharted sonic textures.

::CD Guests::
Jordan Aceto represents the Sim Redmond Band
Elliot Martin, of John Brown's Body adds vocals, tamborine, synth, moog, and arrangement.
Jay Spaker of J-San & the Analogue Sons
Lucente Sisters of Five-2 lend their harmonies on several tracks.
Maurice Haltom Afro-Percussion master, father of vocalist Jhakeem Haltom and former member of Tower of Power.

"Thousands of One" is a journey. It is a socio-political commentary, as well; a personal inquiry to the soul in search of roots, love and culture. Music with a mission.

1- Mood Underlay mp3
2- No Separation mp3
3- I Believe mp3
4- Easy Love mp3
5- Find Your Own Way mp3
6- Jezebel mp3
7- Hidden Treasure mp3
8- One More Hand mp3
9- Heaven mp3
10- Hello Darlin' mp3

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