Thousands of One - SoulForce CD

In the spirit of the funk movement, this album is "the message" of Thousands of One - it speaks of ending racism, growing food, and finding unity. Turning heads with intense lyrics - incendiary politics, spiritual tenacity, wit and dope phrasing - the soul and voice of Jhakeem Haltom bolstered by a rocking and raw band cutting cunningly original music that pays tribute to the roots of soul, funk and reggae... The explorations that are presented in this album show no boundaries; gospel juggernauts taking the starliner as far as it will go.

1 Revolution At Hand mp3
2 SoulForce mp3
3 Ancient Sounds of Ashanti mp3
4 Slaveship Mentality (Featuring Speech) mp3
5 Pharaoh (Featuring Elliot Martin) mp3
6 Babylon mp3
7 Cane Underground mp3
8 Dig Deeper mp3
9 King Amplified (Featuring Mbusi)
10 Race Is Over
11 Future Sounds of Osaka
12 History
13 When I Met You
14 Amongst the Stars
15 Revolution Reprise

Released April 2008