Thievery Corporation - Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi CD

This is the repackaged US edition of TC's 1996 debut, and it includes 2 new bonus tracks. Thievery Corporation has become internationally renowned for their intoxicating concoctions of dub, lounge, trip-hop, acid jazz, bossa nova, and loopy funk. They keep things on the mellow side, but not without plenty of attention-grabbing beats and cerebellum-massaging sounds. Call it what you will, this stuff is simply addictive!

1- A Warning (Dub) mp3
2- 2001 Spliff Odyssey mp3
3- Shaolin Satellite mp3
4- Transcendence mp3
5- Universal Highness mp3
6- Incident At Gate 7 mp3
7- Scene At The Open Air Market mp3
8- The Glass Bead Game mp3
9- Encounter In Bahia mp3
10- The Foundation mp3
11- Interlude mp3
12- The Oscillator mp3
13- Assault On Babylon mp3
14- .38.45 mp3
15- One mp3
16- Sun Moon And Stars
17- Sleeper Car

Originally released 1996 - re-issued 1/24/06