Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man In Babylon CD

This world-renowned duo have perhaps become the flag-bearers of the downtempo world, and this fervently chilled-out classic is a great place to start. With loads of exotic sounds (sitar, flute, percussion, tabla, etc) combined into a swirling base of dub, jazz, trip-hop, African, and eastern music, the result is a record that instantly sets itself apart from anything the listener may have heard. It's an engaging experience that reveals new wrinkles with each listen.

1. Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes mp3
2. Facing East mp3
3. Outernationalist mp3
4. Interlude mp3
5. Omid (Hope) mp3
6. All That We Perceive mp3
7. Simple Histoire (A Simple Story) mp3
8. Meu Destino mp3
9. Exilio (Exile) mp3
10. From Creation mp3
11. Richest Man in Babylon mp3
12. Liberation Front mp3
13. State of the Union mp3
14. Until the Morning mp3
15. Resolution