The Motet - The Motet CD


With the release of their 7th album, The Motet once again showcase their commitment to pushing the sonic envelope while remaining dedicated to the musical traditions that have defined their sound. The new self-titled album boldly states that this is the band The Motet has strived to become. The whole has become greater than the sum of its parts with each member of the band contributing to the writing and arranging ofthe songs, telling a unified story through syncopated rhythms and melodies. The band has also decided to take an analog approach in the making of the album by using tape, tubes and transistors. This gives the music a warm, rich, and organic tonewith the crunch and bite of a classic 70s funk record.

"The Motet’s eponymous album representseverything that is pure, organic, and blissfulabout the band’s music.”Charles Sokolof - Grateful Web

"This is a studio record worthy of the name;original tunes, utterly flawless production andnot a throwaway in the bunch. Ambitious,airtight and built to travel."Dave Kirby - Boulder Weekly

"... 55 glorious minutes of Motet music that inthe span of nine tracks showcases theirgrowth as individuals and as an unstoppablefunk machine."Susan Rice - Upstate Live

Track List:
1 Like We Own It 6:12 listen
2 123 4:58 listen
3 Rynodub 6:33 listen
4 Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed 5:35 listen
5 Extraordinary High 6:29 listen
6 Rich in People 5:06 listen
7 The Foundation 7:30 listen
8 Knock it Down 5:49 listen
9 Keep on Don’t Stoppin’ 6:48 listen

Release date 02.11.2014