The Motet - Instrumental Dissent CD

Instrumental Dissent reflects much of the band's new, electronically textured explorations while still driving home hard hitting, percussive dance grooves. The album touches on many of the band's influences, from afro-beat to salsa, in addition to delving into new realms of house, break-beat, and down-tempo. Instrumental Dissent is a hypnotic creation which will have old Motet fans excited by the new direction of the band, and new fans captivated by the group's deliciously trancy throw down.

1- Afro Disco Beat mp3
2- Johnny Just Drop mp3
3- Anew mp3
4- Instrumental Dissent mp3
5- Afrotech mp3
6- Music Is The Weapon mp3
7- Slice Of Humanity mp3
8- La Lucha mp3
9- Blowback mp3
10- What Have We Done? mp3
11- Old Orchard mp3

Released Sept. 12, 2006