The Dionne Farris Charlie Hunter Duo - Dionne Dionne CD


Charlie Hunter and Dionne Farris have planned to work with each other since they met on a Hip Hop tour working for two different groups in 1991. The inspiration for this project came in part from a mutual admiration for Dionne?s namesake, and an instant musical chemistry. Charlie would play his guitar at soundchecks and Dionne would improvise vocally. Those special moments confirmed that a recording session would bear fruit. Dionne and Charlie both signed major recording contracts and schedules would not permit for them to collaborate during their individual promotional campaigns.

1 Alfie

2 Walk the Way You Talk

3 Always Something There To Remind Me

4 Don't Make Me Over

5 Wives and Lovers

6 Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets

7 Deja Vu

8 Walk On By

9 You're Gonna Need Me