The Deluge - Cryin' on the Vine CD

The debut release from the Deluge is a maudlin transportation from Depression Era love songs to existential musings about the state of the human condition. The musical amalgam expressed on the record ranges from pastoral country tunes to dabbling in Stax era soul. James Bernabe's mandolin work is ever present throughout and is keenly balanced by the vibrancy of Shane Lee's acoustic guitar. Chris Lord's electric offers exclamation to movements throughout the record while the rhythm section( John Holder on bass and Josh Tench on drums) keeps everything between the lines. Recorded at Here to Hear studios and mostly written by singer Brandon Knox while working third shift at Oak Ridge Military Academy, Cryin' offers a glimpse into the frayed reality of a musician's life and loving from a distance. The third track on Cryin' on the Vine, Strange World, won best R&B song of 2010 from the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Track List:
1. Sky is Blue listen
2. Strange World listen
3. Union listen
4. Hits Keep Comin' listen
5. Starless Night listen
6. Last September listen
7. The Likes of Man listen
8. Gone Are the Melodies listen
9. Lightbringer listen
10. Inside Pocket listen
11. Ridin' With the Devil listen
12. Bags Packed listen

Released in 2010